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Welcome to my new C.o.D Perks site. The aim of my website is to give the best tips, tricks and info on playing C.o.D. Especially making use of the PERKS to give you the biggest kill count! SO if you want to know which perks are best for playing Call Of Duty read my full guide to COD perks.

The website also has a big selection of Call Of Duty videos, from insane kill cams to tomahawk takedowns. We’ll also be featuring map guides to all the games, you’ll find out where all the campers are hiding! Plus news from the COD game developers Infinity Ward and Activision, reviews on all the games & tips and tricks for improving your Call Of Duty skillage.



Call Of Duty Black Ops

Cod 7 (officially called Call Of Duty Black Ops) is based in…
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Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Cod 6 is a fun game most of the maps are grassy or sandy. The…
Classic Call Of Duty in World at War
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Call Of Duty World At War

CoD 5 (Official name Call Of Duty World At War) was a really…

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare

Call of duty 4 is what started people really getting into cod…

Nuke Town

Nuke town is definitely the smallest map out of them all this…

3 Kill One Bullet

Amazing 3 kills with one bullet. Hit within the first hour of…


The AK-47 on Blackops is good for long range and for short range.…

Epic Tomahawk Kill - Call Of Duty

Six kill streak with one tomahawk across map tomahawk hits R…
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Welcome To CoD Perks

Welcome to my new C.o.D Perks site. The aim of my website is…
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